Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics is an analytics service that enables you to measure traffic and engagement across your websites and apps. Google Analytics 4 is the latest version of Google Analytics. 


The Google Analytics 4 integration allows you to send the AB Tasty campaign data to your Google Analytics property.


G4 & AB Tasty


AB Tasty campaign data is sent as an event with event parameters:

  • Event name is “abtasty
  • Event parameterabtasty_campaigncontains theCampaign IDandCampaign Nameformatted as[campaign_id] campaign_name
  • Event parameterabtasty_variationcontains theVariation IDandVariation Nameformatted as[variation_id] variation_name




Before setting up the Google Analytics 4 integration within AB Tasty you will need to find your Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID.


Good to Know 💡- Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID
The Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID is the unique identifier of the data stream that sends data to your Google Analytics property. The Measurement ID uses the format G-XXXXXXX.
To retrieve your GA Measurement ID, access the Google Analytics interface and click Admin > Property > Data Streams > Web, and choose your data stream. GA Measurement ID appears at the upper right. More info here.


Now that you have your Measurement ID, you can set up the integration in AB Tasty:


  1. Access Profile > Integrations > Web Analytics tools.
  2. In the Other Web Analytics toolbox, select Google Analytics 4.
  3. Fill the Measurement ID field with your own and click Connect.


The integration is now set up and will be available when creating a new campaign. 


Heads up ⚡
You must update the AB Tasty tag to make your changes live.


Good to Know 💡
Please note that the setup of integration in the account settings is not applied retroactively to previously created campaigns. They only apply to newly created campaigns.


Integration check


Once you have set up the Google Analytics 4 integration and activated it in an AB Tasty campaign, you may want to verify that data is sent correctly to your Google Analytics property.


Heads up ⚡
To QA the integration, you must be affected by a campaign where the integration has been configured. 


  1. Open the console and click the Network tab
  2. In the search bar, type in your Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID (the one you used to set up the integration).
    You will normally see several lines containing your Measurement ID, which corresponds to the different data that is sent to Google Analytics (not only from AB Tasty but also by the Google Analytics tag)
  3. Look for the line that contains the AB Tasty event and event parameters in the payload. If you find it, it means that AB Tasty campaign data is sent to Google Analytics.


You can also see the AB Tasty campaign data within Google Analytics 4: 


  1. In the Real-Time report (only the events that are currently received are displayed here)


  2. In the event report (you will need to wait for the events to be collected and processed by Google Analytics).

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